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Filing patents worldwide requires a team that takes the right strides. Having PLS on your side means having the peace of mind knowing that our patent professionals will safeguard your IP no matter where you seek protection.


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Firms who chose PLS

"We have used PLS over the last year for numerous high-level translations. PLS met all of our deadlines, including a few that were rush translations. We have full confidence in their work and will continue to use them for all our future translations."
- Fish and Richardson

"PLS has been a great resource both for patent application translations and helping to identify associates to handle national filings before foreign patent offices. On multiple occasions PLS has identified foreign associates able to handle last minute filings when I was having trouble getting assistance from our current vendors."

"PLS has saved our clients significant money in large patent translations projects due to their relationships with agents throughout the world. In addition, they are highly responsive and a pleasure for our Foreign Filing department to work with to coordinate large scale global filings."
- Nelson Mullins

"We have for a number of years used PLS filing service. PLS IP is indeed competitive and we onboarded 2 years ago. PLSIP is not just a "shop". It’s a family and you learn that you, as the client, is part of this. In addition, the "one-stop-shop" is appealing and enables us to focus on other aspects than the actual processing of filing orders and invoices."

"I have worked with PLS for a number of years and have been very pleased with the quality and timeliness of their translation services. All our deadlines have always been met. Any contacts that we have had with this company have been handled in a professional manner. I am happy to recommend the services of PLS."
- Sarepta Therapeutics

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